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If you have arrived at this page then undoubtedly you have heard about the latest and largest tax incentive program to be created this century. This program if implemented properly, will transform struggling communities and stimulate growth for years to come. The program, part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, offers a federal tax incentive on capital gains to investors who are committed to social impact and want to make a difference in communities. OnPointe has the requisite experience to lead those projects, stimulate change in communities, and produce the expected returns for Investors. Since 2005, we have been involved in mixed use and mixed income projects throughout the southeast United States with many being located in designated opportunity zone areas. We provide a comprehensive ongoing strategy for Investors and Developers that will reduce risk and monitor long term compliance to the program. We realize that the most important factor for program success is to complete a quality project. That starts with assuring that the project meets the same guidelines/fundamentals of any other real estate development project. 

How do we accomplish those tasks?

Market knowledge/research

       Our team utilizes the best tools for locating key market and demographic                      information that aid in sound decision making. 

Focus on strong growth regions

        Our focus is in consistent growth markets in the United States that have long                 term horizons where the opportunity to gain wealth is more likely.

Intensive financial analysis on properties 

         We take great pride in providing a clear picture and understanding of the                      financial fundamentals of a property. After all, this is the one of the keys to                    making a project successful.

Skillfull project management

         We build quality teams that synergistically work together to provide bottom line          results. 


Reduce Risk

What you need to know before investing in a Opportunity Zone Project?







 An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest - Ben Franklin