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Strategic Intelligence.


OnPointe's real estate consultants gather the essential data you need for informed decision 

making. Complex real estate transactions and business decisions require high level analytics to

reduce risk. We are committed to providing clients with the key market data and analysis to achieve successful outcomes.


Market knowledge/research

       Our team utilizes the best tools for locating key market and demographic                      information that aid in sound decision making. 

Focus on strong growth regions

        Our focus is in consistent growth markets in the United States that have long                 term horizons where the opportunity to gain wealth is more likely.

Intensive financial analysis on properties 

         We take great pride in providing a clear picture and understanding of the                      financial fundamentals of a property. After all, this is the one of the keys to making a project successful.

Skillful project management

         We build quality teams that synergistically work together to provide bottom line          results. 

OUR CLIENTS: Financial Institutions, Developers, and Government Entities.



Market & Feasibility Studies

Community Reinvestment Act(CRA) Strategy

Highest & Best Use/Site Selection

Economic Analysis

Affordable Housing Studies

Development & Construction Analysis

Asset & Portfolio Repositioning

You May Not be Interested in Strategy, but Strategy is Interested in You - Leon Trotsky

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